Hot Rod Billet Accessories
1932-1987 Chevy/Ford truck Billet Aluminum L.e.d Tail Lights,Bed Roll L.e.d Lights,Bed Roll Billet Caps
for 1''5/8 Bed Roll Hole.

1932-1987 Chevy/Ford truck Billet Aluminum L.e.d Tail Lights
1937-1987 Chevy/Ford Bed Roll Led Billet  Aluminum L.e.d Lights
1932-1987 Chevy/Ford truck Billet Aluminum L.e.d Bed Roll Lights
(Sold in Pairs)
1''5/8 Bed Roll Hole
1932-1987 Chevy/Ford truck Billet Aluminum Caps
 (Sold In Pairs)

1''5/8 Bed Roll Hole
Tail lights: 

These are New Billet T-6 6061 Aluminum rear tail lights. 

American Made. 

Comes with 1157 Red l.e.d light bulbs, Red lens,mounting hardware. Comes with 7/16- 18 bolt that is drill out to let wires run through. This lets the wiring to be hidden. 

These billet tail light are a easy bolt on for any application. For truck or hot rods they will give any project that billet touch. 

Bed roll light: 

Brake light and running lights. 
For truck Bed Roll lights. They have running and brake lights or turn signal. Comes with 1157 L.e.d red bulb and red lens. Easy installed 3 wire. 

These come with a rubber ring for secure tight fit 1"5/8 bed roll hole. Will not come out from vibrations. 

These are American Made truck bed lights that look and work real well. Giving your truck or hot rod a nice touch. 

Bed roll caps: 

These are Billet aluminum T-6 6061 bed roll covers. (Sold in pairs 

To fit in your truck bed roll. Giving you a nice billet touch. Comes with rubber ring for a press in tight fit. 

Please contact for any questions. 

Please note these are hand made to order so for that there are no returns. Thank you we know you will love these lights. 

Please contact for any questions. Thank you we know you will love these billet lights.

67-72 Chevy c10 truck Billet Side Marker Light Covers Front ,Rear
67-72 Chevy c10 truck Side marker light covers

Fully CNC machined from solid T6-6061 aluminum.

These are billet aluminum side marker light covers only. The lenses are not included. These are covers that go over your stock side marker lights. You will receive 4, 2 for the front and 2 for the back. These billet covers stop the problem form when the chrome rings fall off your lights. Giving you the custom billet look.

Unscrew your side marker lights off of truck.
Unplug light from back side. Remove steel accents on top face of lights by picking them off. You can also use a heat gun to soften glue to make it easier to remove.
Clean glue off.
Use 80 grit or finer sand paper just make sure to put tape first on lens to prevent scratching on lens if using sand paper.

Pop on billet aluminum side marker light cover making sure you squeeze cover firmly and light lens evenly.

Reinstall light bulb to back side.
Reinstall side maker light with screws provided.
Check lighting and your done.
(Now look how cool your side marker lights look!)

American Made in the US
#C-10LC $194.99